In Yellow Walls Robson explores his domestic life through a series of shots that give the viewer a feeling of claustrophobia all the images seem to suggest a barrier to getting out.  The bed is shot so that only the bed and a corner of the room is present, there appears to be no escape.  This is followed by a closed door and then a frosted window, a mesh of laundry frame in a room that seems to small.  When we finally see out the curtains are heavy, it seems too bright and there is a wall, followed by stairs that don't appear to go anywhere.  The final image of the collapsed figure on the floor reveals the presence that is felt in all of the images, the presence of the artist.  He has not escaped; only exited through a dipso-maniacal haze.  These images are accompanied by a poem which like the poetry of Thom Gunn have; 'potentially counter-destructive principles… not sapping the poems of their strength but creating a tensed climate of balanced opposition.' 
- Zoe Van-De-Velde
This flat
This attractive home.
I love this building with it’s beautiful doors.
…with locks
I love this house with it’s beautiful windows.
…and view.
I love this room with it’s beautiful walls.
Beautiful yellow walls!
Can’t work, can’t write, can’t play.
Must rest.
My friends say I must rest.
They all say I must rest.
So I rest in in this room.
(the room with the yellow walls)!
Scrape, claw, scratch at the yellow walls.
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