Lean forward darling, let me light your cigarette.
Stick it out, breathe it in, exhale.
I want to see those dark plumes
Billowing towards the heavens.
I want to watch the suck and blow,
The wheeze and hiss. Toxic agents of death delish.
The release of the soul to damnation
With each sensual breath.
I will feed your addiction, with the flick of the finger
And a flicker of flame.
I will send you on your way
With a smile on my face.
To your orgy of hellfire, lips so soft
Wrapped around your cigarette
It’s such a turn-on to watch you in action
The way you flirt with death.
As you blow rings of seduction
Toward my face
The lingering stench
That clings
Caressing my hair
My clothes
My skin,
When all that is left of you
Is a tray full of ashes
I laugh all the way
The sick-sweet reminder,
Suck it in
Blow it
Slowwwwwly out.
Lean forward darling,
let me light your cigarette
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