If you wish to use an image from this website or its linked profiles please contact me for a licence.
Finding images on the internet does not mean they are in the public domain. “Public domain” is a term of art and refers to a legal rule that means a work is no longer covered by copyright.  This disclaimer is intended for organisations who, at times may ‘right click/save’ and put content on their own website or blog or other social media platform or even use it on print materials without first searching for the source of the image.
It is unacceptable to search for an image, use it and provide a ‘Link Back’ or ‘hat tip’ or ‘shout out’ to the photographer.  Of course, you need to give credit if you use the creative work of other people however organisations first need permission. Providing a photo credit alone will not protect you if the author did not give you permission to use the image.  Further information on copyright and the use of internet imagery can be found online at the Intellectual Property Office.
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